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60 Minute Case Study & Demo: Next Generation Centralized and Risk Monitoring

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Join ClinOps consultant Ken Wu and Comprehend CTO Jud Gardner in this webinar to learn how a leading Clinical Operations team gave new meaning to centralized monitoring.

This presentation will show how Clinical Operations Executives, Program Leaders, Study Managers and CRAs use a single system with powerful data aggregation, monitoring, collaboration and analytic capabilities to actively manage enrollment, patient safety and site compliance processes.

CRO Oversight Screenshot

Next Gen Centralized Monitoring teams continuously monitor their studies in real-time, do more with less resource to increase their speed to quality results:

  • Program Managers focus 80% of their time on the key outliers in the 20% of studies with highest risk of missing milestones
  • Study Managers drill down on daily scorecards from the study to site level, easily see outliers and quickly find root cause of issues
  • CRAs increased the average number of sites managed while reducing their visit frequency

Clinical Operations Executives, Study Managers, CRAs and their CROs can now focus on what matters and act faster.

The net result: Elimination of study overruns, achievement of on-time milestones, while returning all sites within the proper risk threshold

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