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Improving Clinical Trial Operations Through Analytics

Conducting clinical trials today is a complex set of activities that amass huge volumes of data from multiple systems. These varied systems — utilized to track patient information, manage inventory, capture patient images, enter medical records, detect issues and perform other functions — must efficiently provide trial stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of trial performance across the entire clinical portfolio at multiple global sites.

Clinical trials are lengthy, expensive endeavors that rely on high-quality data for effective results. The estimated average cost of bringing a drug to market in the U.S. is $1.3 – $1.7 billion, with clinical trial costs one of the biggest expense categories for biopharmaceutical companies. For sponsors and CROs, improved information technology is critical to help lower clinical development cost and improve efficiency.

This paper discussed the essential technology needed for effective clinical trial operations management, including: operational analytics for portfolio management, study start-up, operational oversight and safety issues.