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Powerful capabilities to unify, monitor, and analyze
quality across studies and systems

Clinical Intelligence provides best practice KPIs, next generation
analytics, forecasting, alerting, and collaboration capabilities










Clinical Intelligence Suite

The Clinical Intelligence Suite delivers value to your study portfolio in just weeks by offering numerous live connectors to your clinical source data systems, validated best practice content and system configurability instead of customization.

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The Clinical Intelligence Platform enables the Applications to work as a single cloud-based suite with powerful data aggregation, monitoring, analytic, and collaboration capabilities.

Focus on what matters, actively investigate, make smarter decisions with:

Best Practice KPIs and Analytics  that evaluate site productivity, operational performance, patient safety, trial operations efficacy, and subject compliance to inform your decision making and collaboration processes.

End User Defined KPIs enable the study team to define, through a template-driven wizard, graphical and tabular KPIs, share them across team members, and answer customer specific investigations.

Comparative Forecasts for key indicators that predict values in future periods based on historic facts and compare them to plan and actual values.

One-Click Drilldown enables the user to broaden or narrow their exploration from portfolio views down to granular study data even with unique data models across studies.

Intuitive Filtering enables end users to easily remove unwanted data from the information stream to facilitate exploration and cohort analysis.

Act Faster

Collaborative Task Management provides decentralized users with simultaneous views of analytics and the ability to create data-driven tasks and workflows that are fully auditable.

Fully Defend with:

Comprehensive Audit trails with an append-only technique that allows full auditability of system state from any point in time.

User activity auditability demonstrates compliance

Report configuration auditability provides evidence for
decision-making history

Dedicated compliance staff assist your team to develop a validated solution

Extend Reach across datasources, study teams and CROs with:

Live Connectors to your disparate databases without performance impact to your systems. Across platforms, EDCs, CROs or databases, our connectors enable simultaneous visibility across studies.
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System Data Models for your standard systems, as well as standard data models for financials, planning and inventory management.

Study Data Model  is a standardized normalization of system data models into a unified study model serving as a cross-study and -system KPI and analytic reporting foundation.

Next Gen UI for casual users to start quickly, while still enabling power users to access advanced capabilities.

Mobile Device compatibility with both iOS and Android.

Cloud-based Solution
Start Now with Comprehend:

Cloud-based software as a service available as quickly as you can provide access to your source systems

Purpose-built for Clinical Operations

People, process and technology expertise available to support your transformation to continuous quality

Comprehend is Compliant

Comprehend is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. With minimal deployment timelines or staff involvement, this cloud solution will help your team maximize IT investments and stay competitive. Comprehend adheres to a formal security policy including business continuity, disaster recover, encryption, access control and information security.

Secure & Reliable

Server Access
Comprehend is protected on the VPN data access side and devices are protected for admin access. Servers are protected via a firewall
Firewalls into the DMZ and switching equipment are configured into pairs. All servers have redundant power supplies fed by separate feeds
Attack Detection
Servers that house client data are protected by industry best antivirus solutions and are updated regularly